Allegic to corruption, PF govt okays single-sourcing Chikwanda’s company

Zambia’s ‘ceremonial’ Vice-President Guys Scott says it was okay for government to single-source Appollo Enterprises, a company owned by Finance Minister, Alexander Chikwanda, to renovate State House.

Speaking in parliament yesterday after a point of order raised by Monze MP Jackie Mwiimbu (UPND), Dr. Scott said government ‘followed procedure’ in awarding Apollo Enterprise the contract through what he called a ‘direct bidding’ process to rehabilitate Nkwazi House (President residence).

Without elaborating on whether Mr. Chikwanda, declared interest, Dr. Scott said it was not fit for the president to stay in a house that with deplorable condition, implying that former president Rupiah Banda and late Levy Mwanawasa enjoyed those bad conditions.

When the Watchdog broke the story, government had denied engaging Appollo Enterprise to renovate State House.

Government corruption associated with single-sourcing are among the reasons for the PF government to repossess Zamtel because the evaluators, RP Capital, were allegedly single-sourced by Dora Siliya.

Ms. Siliya was dragged before a judicial tribunal by William Harrington, represented by Winter Kabimba when she was the Communications and Transport Minister over the case of single-sourcing RP Capital.

The Watchdog yesterday carried a story on the dangers of appointing relatives to key positions by President Michael Sata.

One government institution that has come under the spotlight is the Ministry of Finance where the Minister, Alexendar Chikwanda, who is also the defacto Vice President, is Sata’s Uncle while his deputy, Miles Sampa is Sata’s Nephew. The Secretary to the Treasury, Fredson Yamba is Sata’s brother in-marriage.  Sampa replaced Elfreda Kasembe Mwamba, who is Defence Minister, Geofrey Bwalya Mwamba’s sister in law and is said to be a relative to Sata himself.

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