Allergic to corruption: Musenge’s GRZ vehicle was disguised for Mufumbwe elections

Allergic to corruption: Musenge’s GRZ vehicle was disguised for Mufumbwe elections

The govt vehicle abused in Mufumbwe

The official ministerial vehicle belonging to Copperbelt Minister, Mwenya Musenge, that was found with his drunk son, Dapson, is one of the government vehicles that was used by PF during campaigns in Mufumbwe, sources have told the Watchdog.

On Saturday, police in Ndola impounded a brand new government vehicle (in picture) disguised with an old registration number ACE 9957 from Dapson at Ndola swimming pool.

Sources in PF government said Musenge is one of the Deputy Ministers that camped in Mufumbwe to campaign for PF but using government resources and property .

Therefore in order to disguise GRZ vehicles as private property, the Copperbelt Regional Controller of Government Transport, Justine Chibwe, affixed the fake number plates to GRZ vehicles going for election campaigns as part of government abuse of public resources during elections.

The source said this crooked method by Mr. Chibwe was done in order to avoid election petitions in the High court after elections have passed.

The government sources said the trend was also common under under the previous MMD administration but the PF campaigned and won elections of the platform of stamping out such administrative corruption but is surprising that nothing has changed.

According to the Electoral Code of Conduct, except for the president and his vice, ministers and below are not allowed to use government vehicles during election campaigns.

“So when Musenge returned to Ndola, of course after the campaigns in Mufumbwe he probably forgot to remove the fake number plate from that GRZ vehicle. Hence the son took advantage and may have thought the GRZ vehicle was a personal property for his father,” sources said.

Another government sources familiar with motor vehicle registrations, said it was unthinkable to imagine that a brand new PRADO can have ACE 9957 as its number plate. ACE (Copperbelt reg) is an old registration, because from ACE, the next was ACG, ACH, ACJ, ACK, ACL, ACM, ACP, and now ACR.

“How can you have a brand new car (bought in 2011/2012) with an ancient registration number? No wonder it was not found in RTSA system,” government sources revealed.

Last week, journalists petitioned minister of information and broadcasting, Kennedy Sakeni, on harassment of journalist, but a female reporter is suffering harassment in Ndola after exposing the abuse of government vehicle by Copperbelt minister Mwenya Musenge.

Mwaka Namfukwe, working for a private TV station Muvi, uncovered a story that captured Musenge’s son driving the official vehicle disguised as a private property at the weekend.

According to the report, Musenge’s son was driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol which was later impounded by police officers.

Instead of pursuing the minister and his son who was found with the GRZ vehicle under the influence of alcohol and without a driving licence, some officers from the Government Office in Ndola have castigated MUVI Namfukwe for writing the story.

Justine Chibwe, the Copperbelt Government Controller of Transport, is among the 
officers saying the story was in bad taste.

Chibwe had by Tuesday been pursuing the journalist to disclose how she captured the impounded New Toyota Prado Registration number ACE 9957.

The MMD have so far indicated that they might petition the out-come of the Mufumbwe bye-election because of rampant corruption by PF and use of government property.

In yesterday’s PF compromised POST newspaper, Musenge apologised for his son’s behaviour. The Post also confirmed that the boy was drunk and playing loud music from the car prompting members of the general public to report him to the police.




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