Allied Mobile Zambia fires workers, no packages

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Allied mobile Communications Zambia Employees declared redundant

Over hundred Allied mobile Communications Zambia employees have been declared redundant without benefits. The employees are being treated unfairly as the employer has not paid workers their September,October and November 2019 salaries, some employees were given Job termination letters without official notice, some were told to stop reporting for work without explanation and all employees have not been given their benefits which is a breach of their contract terms and conditions. On 30th of October 2019 the matter was addressed by Labor Commissioner in which the CEO of Allied Mobile Communication Africa agreed to follow the redundancy process of paying its workers and in the presence of two parties agreed to pay in Lieu of Notice, Salary arrears, Leave days, repatriation and benefits which was also put in written as an instruction by Labor commission . A week later , Allied responded to Labor commission claiming to be bankrupt without proof of the company’s financial reports and they requested exemption to pay it’s workers of their benefits to which the labour commission denied acceptance of claim. Despite the revenue accumulated by workers over the years their future is at stake as they have worked without benefits and yet they have families to look after, shelter, bills and Educational responsibilities to provide.

Allied is a south African company which was contracted to manage the mobile telecoms shops in Zambia i.e Airtel, MTN and ZAMTEL shops, Warehouses and connect stores and received huge monthly commissions for their services, its other contracts in Zambia was distribution of smart phones and feature phones to the various chain stores and retailers in Zambia, hence it is unfair that workers are are not paid of their rightful wages.

In 2015 they were given a loan from the South African government of 55 million dollars US, the loan was meant for expansion of its businesses in Africa. Surely there is no way they can be making loses with such a loan.

It recently acquired a huge stake in South Africa Virgin mobile and bought some warehouses around Africa.

Worker’s are urgently appealing to the Government to intervene in this matter as the company wants to leave the country without paying its employees. This has become a common trend in Zambia where Foreign companies are dumping it employees without paying wages.

Allied mobile communication has operations in Lesotho, Namibia, South Africa, Mozambique and many other countries hence can not fail to pay it’s worker’s what is rightful theirs.

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