Allow sick Sata to rest, Nevers Mumba pleads with PF

MMD President Nevers Mumba has advised the Patriotic Front to allow President Michael Sata to rest.

Dr. Mumba says President Sata should from now on be excused from attending state functions until he fully recovers.

He said President Sata’s failure to officially open the Heroes stadium on Sunday and his conduct during the recent Labour Day celebrations are a source of concern.

“Firstly we as the MMD are deeply concerned on the recent developments arising from State House. On Labour Day, we issued a statement that the President’s one minute speech fell below the expectations of the Zambian people and I did indicate that the Zambian people expect a lot of the President,” Dr Mumba said.

He added, “We feel that the way that the PF Government led by Mr Wynter Kabimba’s crusade to continue to push the President beyond his physical capacity is unfair, it is unfortunate. Obviously we can see that the President is not doing well and our advice is that they should allow the President to rest and recover before exposing him to these strenuous programmes.”

Dr Mumba said the PF must come to face reality that if President Sata is not well, a decision must be made to put him on hold for him to recover.

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