Almost all Barotse indunas resolve to secede

Almost all the indunas who are representing villages and districts in Western province have resolved that Barotseland should separate from Northern Rhodesia (Zambia).

And the threat by Defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba that his PF government will take action against the people of Western province has annoyed the Barotse Royal Establishment.

Defence minister Mwamba Sunday evening warned delegates to the Barotse National Council against discussing what he called treason. He said if the delegates discuss treason, his government will take action and further explained he has the mandate to send soldiers to any part of the country.

But the threat by Mwamba angered and surprised the people of Western province and their leadership.

A named senior member of the BRE was heard saying that it is such provocative statements from the Zambian government that can lead to problems.

The induna said the meeting is a peaceful and open one and no one will armed.

On the likely outcome of the council, the Watchdog has been reliably informed that almost all the representatives want cessation.

The main meeting will be held today (Monday) but sources say the main meeting will just be about village indunas reading out their resolutions which are already known. The Indunas are drawn from all districts of Western province.

Sources told the Watchdog that by last evening that only delegates from Kaoma district are against secession. Kaoma district is dominated by Nkoyas.

By last evening, delegates from Kaoma had not arrived in Limulunga, the venue of the Bartose National Council.







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