‘Am disapointed with all Zambian journalists’

Good afternoon Editor?

I write to express my displeasure over all the journalists in Zambia. The Post, Daily mail, watchdog etc. It’s difficult these days to get the correct position of things as you all are now biased towards certain parties. Post always support PF so is Daily mail and Times of Zambia. Watchdog will always support UPND and whatever story cannot be covered as it is but always with certain inclination to party lines.
We yearn to read a story where it will be reported as it unlike every time its lies and innuendos which are now making us sick.
Please help us by at all possible ways report in a balanced manner.
We are tired of any thing that happens the post will point fingers at HH even if it has nothing to do with him and the watchdog will by all means link Sata to any petty thing that happens.
We are tired help us the public to get straight stories. In Editorials you can do that but not on anything that happens.
hope you will take into consideration your audience others who have nothing to do with the party politics.

Edward Tembo

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