Am enjoying support – Sibongile Mwamba

Am enjoying support – Sibongile Mwamba


image” My campaign is different, it’s all about issues affecting people especially women and youths, I believe that is why more and more people from the Patriotic Front are joining us “:says UPND parliamentary candidate Sibongile Mwamba.

Speaking in an interview yesterday Ms Mwamba said Zambians today cannot be cheated because they know what they want and they understand politicians better.

” They are struggling to survive, the cost of living is high, they are looking for a government that will make their life better and if you think you will go round singing dununa reverse and throwing party regalia to them , they they will vote for you, that’s wasting time,”

Ms Mwamba said Kasama residents have been waiting for what the Patriotic Front promised them in 2011, they were promised a University but nothing has been done not even a foundation all the PF has done is lie that they were enjoying cheap mealie meal at K45 per 25kg.

Meanwhile Ms Mwamba said she was enjoying great support from her fellow women and youths and promised to work with them to resolve issues affecting their lives and sorroundings.

” To my supporters and water melons I want to say thank you so much lets keep working together we have less than a month remaining, Give UPND a chance and your life will change “

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