‘Am not happy way PF is running down health sector’

‘Am not happy way PF is running down health sector’

kanyaamwaI write to register my displeasure in the way PF government is running down health standards in the country. I heavily supported this party which promised that health among others will be improved in the country.

Today I visited my in-law at Kanyama  clinic and what I saw made me shed tears, long long queues for patients waiting to be attended to.

And I was told it is everyday. Just a few months ago at Chingwere clinic I lost my  mother when she was taken there around 20 hrs.

Just after two hours she passed on. We did not find any doctor, not even a clinical officer but we found a male nurse who I mistook as a doctor and foolishly enough when I took my mother there at night I called him doctor and only to discover when I returned to get the death certificate in the morning that he was a male nurse.

Again maternity ward at UTH is the same condition, I found several pregnant women sharing mattresses on the floor.

One mattress was taking three pregnant women. Same at UTH filter clinic. My question, is there a need of voting?????

Bwalya. Attached is kanyama clinic patients.

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