Amended Constitution discriminates against the less educated – Kachingwe

Major Richard Kachingwe says the new Constitution is discriminatory because it bars people of decent educational backgrounds from aspiring for leadership.

In a statement, Maj Kachingwe, who is former MMD national secretary, observed that uneducated leaders around the world had achieved greater things than some of those perceived to be educated.

“In another U-turn by the PF that prides itself of being a pro-poor non-elitist party, [President Edgar] Lungu has gone ahead to sign a constitution that has discriminated a lot of Zambians of decent backgrounds and education qualifications by institutionalising qualifications for one to aspire to leadership. This is a constitution that has basically barred all our able community leaders such as humble marketeers, bus drivers and basically the majority voters,” Maj Kachingwe stated.

“We all know that leadership is not necessarily measured by one’s educational qualifications or number of degrees. A number of our great leaders in the world and even in this country at local and even parliamentary levels have done far greater things and achieved more success than our so-called educated people.”

He said it was unfair for the PF to pass and approve a law that segregates less privileged members of society when only ministers and senior government officials were capable of sending their children to better schools abroad.

“Just because the elite Lungu and his PF/MMD friends can afford to take their children to expensive schools abroad at taxpayers money, it does not mean others are dull and not gifted with leadership even at the local levels,” Major Kachingwe said.

He called on those who had been discriminated against by the new law to vote out President Lungu in this year’s elections.

“We call on all those who have been discriminated and marginalised by Lungu’s Constitution to come out in numbers during voting and prove to him that they are the masters and wiser than him who is busy throwing lavish drinking parties while the children of the poor can’t afford education,” said Major Kachingwe.


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