America will soon force us to have sex with dog – minister Malanji

America will soon force us to have sex with dog – minister Malanji


Foreign Affairs Minister Joseph Malanji says next time Americans will start having sex with dogs then will try to force Zambians to do the same.

And Malanji says he is going to reprimand the American ambassador in Zambia on Monday for condemning the jailing of two homosexuals.

Malanji who was speaking on Saturday morning Zambia has values and culture which must be followed by any person whether citizen or through any other accreditation.

Malanji said whoever wants to practice homosexuality can do that in countries where it is allowed and not Zambia.

“Because next time there will be a country which is going to establish Sex with dogs! And that must be brought to Zambians to practice? If people that want to practice gayism feel they can enjoy it, they must go to countries where it is practiced,” Hon. Malanji reaffirmed.

“I wish to inform the nation that yesterday I called the Ambassador of the United States of America to the Republic of Zambia His Excellency Mr. Daniel Foote to express the Government’s grave concern regarding the Press Release issued by the Embassy on the recent decision by the Lusaka High Court on a matter of homosexuality.

“I wish to state categorically that in Zambia we subscribe to and maintain the independence of the Judiciary as a fundamental tenet of our democracy. The Judiciary is the guardian of the Constitution and has the responsibility to interpret and safeguard it without any undue interference,” He added.

He also added that Mr. Foote’s decision to question the Zambian High Court’s decision is tantamount to questioning the Zambian constitution on which the judiciary makes its rulings.

“To question its decision by a representative of a Foreign Government is tantamount to questioning the Zambian Constitution on which the Judiciary makes its rulings. ​This is unacceptable especially on matters of an internal nature. The decisions by the Judiciary are made on the basis of the Laws of Zambia and not of another country. Consequently, it is the Zambian people who should decide appropriately and through the established practices and processes to change the laws.

“The Government of Zambia takes great exception to the remarks made by the Ambassador on the decision by the High Court as well as his comparison of the homosexuality case to other cases of alleged thefts by government officials, political violence and poaching. The Ambassador may wish to note that all cases that are brought before the Courts of law are adjudicated based on the available evidence. It is extremely unfair and highly misleading to suggest that such cases are never brought before the Courts of Law,” Hon. Malanji said.

He has since advised Ambassador Foote to confine himself within his competence.

“Regarding the position of Zambia as a Christian nation in view of the Court’s decision on this matter of homosexuality, the Ambassador may wish to confine himself to matters that are within his competence.

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