Amid heavy taxes, govt increases minimum wage for domestic workers

Amid heavy taxes, govt increases minimum wage for domestic workers


After taxing income earners heavily at every level and in every way conceivable, the government now says you must pay your maid, garden boy K993.

If you own a kantemba or shop, you must pay your workers K1, 698.

Minister of labour Joyce Nonde has announced.

But there has been no corresponding income or salary increase for civil servants and other workers who employ such people. Instead, government has been taken away income through various taxes.

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    Ububomba Mwibala 2 weeks ago

    Frankly PF does not deserve a political competitor to loose power,with their own hands they are tearing down everything their Sata worked so hard for.
    So what was this talkative woman thinking when coming up with this law?They will find themselves out of power with very little effort from their competitors.Didnt this woman realise that such a law in this era of austerity measures will backfire?Everyone will be asking for a salary increase,next they will fail to meet these demands and what is likely to follow is labour unrest,strikes etc.And our president this woman should be minister?Sad….

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    JOYCE NOND 2 weeks ago

    ladies and gentlemen I was once a maid I enjoyed being screwed by the son of my boss I was 35 years then and he was 12 years I gave him a good run for his money with my wet cunt

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    sipinya sa ng'aka 2 weeks ago

    Cnp at work and don’t argue unless you say all this mess we are in was planned!

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    Tellitall 2 weeks ago

    How much are the bosses to the domestic workers earning???you have a teacher earning 4000, employers a maid to get 950, they have to rent a house and buy food and pay school fees for their kids….and hospital bills which are inevitable with all this low living standards….but someone expects them to be by office in time… is that possible….coz in this case they will lay off their maid and they need to have their house cleaned and kids taken care of before going for work….People are getting more and more stressed with these uncoordinated decisions being made…..which shops can pay such amounts….maybe they should just come out and specify and given shops should be paying this much…we are cowards that’s why….it’s a matter of just mentioning them….the likes of shoprite and their sister shops…not tuma temba by the road sides…..

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    True the economy is tough and everybody who is entitled to an increase in emolument/reward deserves such. But why being selective. Can’t our strategists think and plan all salary pay structure and announce the increment at the same time for everyone. Or is it the question of our strategists having small mental capacities to digest and handle vast amount of data hence they prefer to do it in bits and pieces.