Amos Chanda annoys Cabinet office, his shoddy dealings to be exposed

Amos ChandaSenior staff at cabinet office have challenged State house Press aide Amos Chanda to name the people who leaked President Edgar Lungu’s speech to parliament before it was officially delivered.

According to Chanda, the President’s speech was a classified document and says Post newspapers must face criminal investigations for publishing the speech in advance. Chanda personally supervised the printing of the speech at Government printers and had its custody has now accused cabinet office of leaking the document to the Post.

But some senior officers at Cabinet office have reacted angrily to Chanda’s ‘boyish and overzealous’ comments and have threatened to expose his dealings with some media houses including the Post newspaper.

“This is being boyish and overzealous on the part of Chanda. He is the one who drafted and edited the speech for the President, he personally took charge of the supervision of its printing at Government Printers and had custody of it but is throwing us into his dirt. We challenge him to name the people who leaked the speech within 48 hours otherwise we will expose his dealings with other media and the Post inclusive. Does he think we are kids and blind?” said some irate officers.

And in his statement, Chanda who was once a close ally of the privately owned Post while he was working for the state controlled Daily Mail said Post newspapers owner Fred member had appetite to commit crime so that he wins public sympathy.

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