Amos Chanda has assumed too much power

Amos Chanda has assumed too much power


There is nothing wrong with delegating but in a time like this when there is so much anxiety in the country, we want the President, the head of State and govt to speak to us n give hope and comfort us.

Mr Chanda has assumed so much power and doing things way above his scope and nobody has told you Mr President, we’re getting irritated by it.

President LUNGU directs the army to help contain the spread of Cholera in Lusaka, it was Mr Chanda speaking….that’s why the people are not listening, Chanda is not the President!

Secondly, Is this Presidential Initiative a Ministry which is headed by Amos Chanda or what? How come he’s the one talking about the experts from Israel?
Why didn’t this procedure go through the Ministry of Health directly instead of State House and why Mr Chanda controlling the scene?

Because as it is Dr. Chilufya, Minister of Health is now useless. And I think he should resign.

Mr Chanda went on to say “This evening, I will be taking them to the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of water..”. And he said “this was not a government to government arrangement but a response to the Presidential initiative”. What is this Presidential Initiative?

There is Noo doubt, he’s the most powerful Presidential assistant in the world, even the language he’s using lately when responding to critics is very much unwarranted.

PRESIDENT LUNGU, you’re not super human but please take charge, when people aren’t seeing you, they’re making conclusions that you’re high on whiskey when the fact is you no longer take the stuff.

Lets see you delegate the foreign trips this year, talk to us more

Ra Shai

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