Amos Chanda orders police to use force on GBM


PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu’s press aide Amos Chanda has instructed Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja to punish UPND vice-president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba so that he can serve as a lesson to others.

According to State House sources, the President’s spokesperson told Kanganja to show a difference and sort out the opposition because his predecessor Stellah Libongani was too sympathetic to them.

The sources explained that after recent GBM’s arrest, State House gave instructions not to grant him bail but to instead extend his detention.

“He [Chanda] told the IG that GBM should not be released throughout the weekend and should stay locked up even on Tuesday which was International Women’s Day. Firstly, he asked the IG if GBM had been released on police bond and then he told him that the President does not want GBM to be released,” sources revealed.

“He said, ‘I was with the President and he has heard a rumour that GBM has been released, so he was asking me, but I told him that it was not possible because police bond cannot be issued on a Saturday’. He asked the IG to assure him that GBM was still detained.”

The sources said Kanganja then told Chanda that he had plans to keep GBM in police cells longer.
“Of course, the IG knew that Amos was only giving him instructions from His Excellency President Lungu, so he could not say ‘no’. Instead, the IG just said ‘that is the plan we have’. That is when Amos told IG that the President does not expect him to be like Libongani,” sources said.

“In fact, the actual words Amos used were, ‘Make a difference IG, because the lady who was there, she was sympathetic to these people and she made the police look like you can dare them’.”

The sources said Amos also told Kanganja that President Lungu does not want to see “weak” police officers who could lose guns to students.

“Amos told the IG to forget about the police being a service. He said ‘you are a force not service, and if you act weak, you will be disbanding the police and that’s what the President wants to see’. The IG, of course, since he was like taking instructions from His Excellency [President Lungu], he just said he would not allow that,” sources said.
“He even gave an example of Rwanda, to say what GBM said could be taken literally by people and could spark civil war. That’s why he said the President wanted GBM to be a lesson to others. He further told the police to keep GBM throughout the weekend, including March 8, which was a holiday. And the IG assured him that GBM will fight his case in court but the police were not going to be lenient with him.”
The sources disclosed that Chanda was still doing dirty work for President Lungu.
“Of course, he is trying to pretend like things are not okay between them, but when there is an issue like this one, the President turns to Chanda, asking him what the situation is on the ground and what can be done. So for some dirty works, yes, the President still uses Amos to give such instructions,” revealed sources.
“But we feel sorry for him because the President has put him in a very awkward position. This is the guy who has been doing all these clandestine activities with the President. If he wanted, Amos can bring this regime down, but he has been very loyal to the President. He has tried to be an honest special assistant, but he is only being used on dirty assignments like giving such orders to the police so that when this comes out, the President can be shielded.”
According to State House sources, Chanda has written numerous letters to investors, banks and private companies on behalf of President Lungu to secure contracts in which the Head of State has personal interests.

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