Amos Chanda responds to ACC charges

Amos Chanda responds to ACC charges


*12.01.2022 (1943 hrs).*

I have read with utter shock that the ACC spokesperson Queen Chibwe has continued with a pattern of of obnoxious lies since the commission’s illegal raids on me on October 27, 2021.

I can confirm that today, the ACC summoned me and presented me with a list over 30 properties and mining licenses which they alleged belonged to me.

I exercised my right to remain silent because of all those properties I could only recognize four title deeds in my name, two of which are developed and the others are just bare land acquired from the ministry of lands and various councils.

The interrogators assured me that they took note of my position and and that no statement would be issued over the matter until they verify ownership.

During this interview, the ACC also “donated” three properties to me located in Roma Park, Lusaka. They told me that I owned the double -storey buildings in Roma Park and they wanted to know the value. I told them I don’t know the value of the properties I did not own and so they can ask the owners.

I neither have the 15 properties they have lied about and so I challenge them to name this Propertie title by title, location by location and physical addresses.

It is a shame that a state institution would have no shame to lie. I have always said ACC must present their case before a competent court but it appears they enjoy malicious attacks on my integrity.

Properties have addresses such as road name, title number and towns where they are located. Please name these items and present the matter before a judge so we can prove our innocence.

The commission also asked how I afford school fees for my two children who at Baobab College and the one who competed Grade 12 at St Mary’s last year.

They also asked what my salary was at Zambia Daily Mail, London Mission and State House. They asked me about 25 cows at the farm, 43 goats and 50 cows in Namwaala. This the summary of proceeding of today not the lies Queen is telling. They asked me about bank loans and relationships with at least six people I have neither met nor have knowledge of whatsoever.

I will seek legal advise about this pattern of lies.

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