Amos Chanda says droughts, accidents caused by opposition


Edgar Lungu’s mouth piece Amos Chanda says it’s the UPND that is causing droughts, floods and road accidents in Zambia.

And Chanda has mocked the death of Mapenzi Chibulo, the young woman who was shot dead by police during a UPND rally in 2016.

Meanwhile, Chanda says Mazabuka MP Garry Nkombo provoked the cop that tried to shoot him.

Chanda, who seems to be an expert in drunkness due to his closeness to Lungu said the cop was not drunk.

“What, in law does “appearing drank” mean? Secondly, how would you react when physically attacked at midnight in a small town where three strange murders have taken place within a month?”

The answer to Chanda’s question is actually very simple. Any normal persons knows what it means to appear drunk.

Chanda also linked Nkombo to ritual murders.

“Are police not currently prosecuting ritual murders that nearly sparked off the hitherto unknown xenophobia in Zambia?”

Chanda who was once respected as a media practitioner posted the following rubbish on WhatsApp :

“We are currently dealing with some of the most heinous opposition propaganda you can ever imagine! On the hand why morbidity, all most thinks dark, attractive to the UPND? The party is swiftly visible in ritual killings, stampedes, droughts, hail storms, bus accidentsm,”.

Chanda further tried to apportion PF satanism to UPND:

“Did the UPND not rejoice in the unfortunate events? Did police not find PF Chitenge material covering the bodies of deceased ostensibly calculated to link the party to the killings? Didn’t the UPND not oppose the military deployment to help end the killings and subsequent localised riots?” Chanda wondered foolishly said.

Then he turned his stupidity on an honest woman murdered by the police:

“Do you also recall the strange images of Mapenzi being photographed chronologically from a riot scene through to the point she is shot and all the way to the mortuary? How did the photographer sense that the poor lady would meet her fate and therefore followed singularly in a mob of thousands? Do you recall the UPND hysteria over this matter? Did we not hear strange testimony at inquest from an officer who was not on the scene that police shot her?”

This is the person who speaks of behalf of the so called president ?

Why can’t he just concentrate of feeding Lungu’s mermaids?

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