An open letter to Nabiwa Imikendu who impersonates as Induna Imbwae

We the Barotseland National Youth League would like to respond to the purported “INDUNA IMBWAE” ‘s statement he issued in the POST NEWSPAPER of the 21st November 2012 which was entitled “SATA LENIENT ON WP”-INDUNA IMBWAE

With due respect Mr. Nabiwa Imikendu, it is a pity that at your age you still cheat, alleging that you are induna imbwae when not, the fact is that you were dismissed or removed as induna imbwae a long time ago so do not mislead the innocent people in believing that you are an induna.

It is also shameful that at your age you still beg, you are an infidel who has failed to manage your own life and has been earning a living through selling the royal kingdom of Barotseland to successive Zambian administrations, because of your laziness, criminal mindedness and crookedness. This is purely folly and stupidity of the worst kind.

We want to tell you without reservation that you are a lunatic and an imbecile who has failed to plan and work hard in order to earn an honest living in a dignified manner but wholly depending on handouts from the Zambian government.

Mr. you are so ignorant. You do not even know what constitutes treason. Surely does the matter of the royal kingdom of Barotseland ‘s reversion to her original status amount to treason according to the international law?

You see Mr. Nabiwa, if you do not know or understand things just shut your beak or stinking mouth other than exposing your folly, ignorance and stupidity. We are aware that you are a PF cadre and we know that you are one of the people who were involved in the killing of our brothers last year and never should you cheat yourselves that we have forgotten.

To show you that we understand the issues surrounding the royal Barotseland kingdom’s total independence quest here are our legal opinion as far as the international law on reversion of Barotseland kingdom to her original status and reason why doing so does not amount to treason.

1. treason is a non starter or it does not exist when it comes to Barotseland kingdom’s reverting to her original status that obtained before the signing of the now null and void Barotseland Agreement 1964 which was signed by two parties namely; kingdom of Barotseland and Northern Rhodesia (Zambia), which agreement never tasted implementation because the Zambian government’s Kaunda regime unilaterally abrogated and nullified it in 1969.

Since we the people of the royal kingdom of Barotseland are more civilized  enough than our counterparts from Northern Rhodesia (Zambia), we base our argument on the following international laws to revert royal kingdom of Barotseland to her original status that obtained before 1964;

(a.) the Vienna convention Articles 60 and 70.

(b.) the international covenant on civil and political rights Article 1.

(c). the African charter on human and peoples’ rights Articles 20 and 21.

(d) United Nations General Assembly resolution 1514(xv) and many more international laws.

For your own information, Mr. Sata is not being lenient on us the people of Barotseland kingdom because he is aware that his has been and is occupying royal kingdom of Barotseland illegally contrary to the UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL resolution 276(1970) and hence he is in an awkward position because we raised a lot of serious issues to the UN security council concerning Zambia’s illegal occupation of the kingdom of Barotseland contrary to the UN SECURITY COUNCIL resolution 276 (1970) and consequently we petitioned the UN SECURITY COUNCIL  in a letter dated   18th September 2012 to sanction Sata’s Zambian government for illegally occupying Barotseland kingdom contrary to UN SECURITY COUNCIL  resolution 276 (1970).

Furthermore, we want to warn you never again to impersonate as induna imbwae because you were removed or dismissed as an induna a long time ago. Therefore, we call upon all the people of royal kingdom of Barotseland to watch out and be aware of this nabiwa imikendu who purports to be “induna imbwae” when in fact he is not.

In addition you must desist from attacking the former minyolui (lord chancellor) of the royal kingdom of Barotseland Rt. Hon. Clement Wainyae Sinyinda because he is an honorable man and self-reliant  than yourself who has been a beggar through out your life time shame on you.

The position that Rt.Hon. Sinyinda held you yourself shall never hold it in your life time, so stop the nonsense you are doing. You are a disgruntled, disgrace, and a bitter person and your bitterness shall kill you if you do not appreciate other people’s achievements in their lives.

We warn you to stop fighting the sovereignty of Barotseland kingdom and her people just because you want bloody money Zambian government has promised to reward you if you succeed in destabilizing the kingdom of Barotseland.

Surely you are a senile old man. How can a normal person in his right mind exchange his country in exchange of bloody money? Do you really care for your children, grandchildren, your parents? Imikendu you are  indeed a traitor!!

However, we want to assure you that the scheme between you and the Zambian government shall never work this time around because you are dealing with a new generation and which is alert altogether.

A timely warning is given to all those who plan to sale Barotseland kingdom in exchange of bloody money from Zambian government to stay away from such vices because should we discover you, you shall regret having been born.

Let those with ears hearken to this friendly advice.


Barotseland National Youth League:

  • Ikacana Muyunda – chairman-general
  • Boris Muziba Muziba – Deputy chairman-general
  • Masiyaleti Masiyaleti – Deputy Secretary-general
  • Brian Mubita – Deputy Vice secretary-general
  • Derrick Itwi – International relations/communications officer
  • Sikwibele Wasilota – National coordinator/Deputy international relations officer
  • Etambuyu Nyambe – Deputy National coordinator/communications officer
  • Nawa Luyanga – International relations secretary
  • Likando Likando – operations and mobilization officer
  • Jacob M. Mashwelo – finance controller
  • Mulonda Akatumwa – communications secretary
  • Nayoto Mwenda – Secretary General
  • Mulonda Akatumwa – Secretary Communications
  • Paul Aongola – committee member
  • Liywali Mukela – committee member
  • Mubiana Simasiku – committee member
  • Sibeso Katete – Trustee
  • Inonge Wakumelo – Trustee
  • Legal Advisor – (Name withheld)

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