Analysis on the death of a PF cadre in Livingstone (unanswered questions)

Analysis on the death of a PF cadre in Livingstone (unanswered questions)

By the Investigator

First of all I would like to categorically state here that I’m not a member of any political party in Zambia so my analysis is based on the little experience I have in investigations. In order to safeguard my life, I will not state some of the cases I have successfully investigated lest someone identifies me.

Listening to the two would be State Witnesses namely Obvious Mwaliteta and Mr. Musonda who were quoted by the state owned Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) last week, I have no option but to come up with some assumptions that could help our brothers and sisters detained in Livingstone and elsewhere over the death of Mr. Harrison Chanda a Patriotic Front Cadre resident of Monze District of the once peaceful Republic of Zambia.

For those who may not be privy, the two would be state witnesses are Mr. Mwaliteta a Provincial Minister of Western Province of Zambia and former Police Officer under the Anti Robbery Squad and Mr. Morgan Musonda whom I do not know were quoted on Camera saying the assailant jumped on to the truck on which Mr. Chanda was with them hacked him and jumped off the truck and fled.


As an investigator, my first question to Mr. Mwaliteta, Mr. Musonda and Police Deputy Inspector General Solomon Jere whom I’m reliably informed is at the centre of investigations operations is this.


Brothers and Sisters, Ladies and Gentlemen, this question may sound very simple but it is important because it may help us answer the five W’s plus one H. For those who may not know, the five W’s are WHO, WHAT, WHEN , WERE, WHY and one H is how. In simple investigations you apply this formula by stating like who hacked Chanda? When? Where? What happened? Why did he or she kill Chanda and how?

Let us start with who and ask Mwaliteta and Musonda the question who jumped on the truck? Who else apart from Mwaliteta, Musonda and Chanda was on board the truck?

This question comrades eliminates the possibility of Mazabuka Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo having hacked Chanda. The reason is simple, Garry Nkombo is a public figure whom even my seven year old daughter can easily identify.

So Mwaliteta and Musonda could have simply gone to the police and say we saw Garry Nkombo jump on the truck and hack Chanda. This is not what transpired. Secondly Garry Nkombo could not have even contemplated jumping on the truck because he could have easily been identified.

This scenario analysis also eliminates the two ladies charged with murder. One of them is actually sixty-three (63) years old. Surely could a sixty three year old jump on the truck hack someone in the presence of a former Anti Robbery Squad officer, jump off and flee?

It should also be noted that Garry Nkomba and the other eight murder accused are charged separately. So why should police indict Garry Nkombo for murder separately and indict another group of eight people separately for the murder of one person? How many Harrison Chanda’s were murdered? As the charges stand for now, there was one Chanda murdered by Nkombo and another Chanda murdered by a group of eight including a sixty three year old woman. It is simply not POSSIBLE and I doubt the integrity of the University that tutored Dr. Solomon Jere.


Up to the time of me writing this report and after speaking to several friends in the investigative world, no one knows where the body for the deceased was found.

Also at the time the eye-witness Mr. Musonda and others noticed that someone had been hacked, what measures did they take, such as rushing the injured person to the hospital since they had a truck anyway?


This question also sounds very silly but I can assure you it is very important. It is important because clothes of those who were near Chanda could have had stains of blood all over because of the act of hacking. At the time of me writing this report dear comrades, there are no clothes from Mwaliteta and Musonda that were tendered as evidence.

Mwaliteta and Musonda went to the Police with very clean clothes. The Truck could have had blood all over but this truck is not even known. Who is the owner of this truck?

According to my close associates, Chanda could have fallen from a moving truck bearing in mind the state of roads in Libuyu Township. That is why Mwaliteta, Musonda and the truck had no blood stains. After realizing that Chanda had fallen off the truck and died, and in fear of the Patriotic Front (PF) being accused of sacrificing Chanda, they may have decided to hack him or they did not even hack him. The head injuries may have been sustained due to the fall.


The PF campaign team together with Jere and Charity Katanga could have concealed information that led to the death of Chanda because of fear of this Online Publication.

This publication has been publishing a lot of stories linked to Satanism and the current government especially after that evil Catholic Priest Father Frank Bwalya slaughtered  Chickens at public rallies. Adding Salt to an injury, part of the PF campaign team in Livingstone comprised Mr. Lukulo Katombora a former Member of Parliament for Livingstone who confessed to practicing Satanism.

Alice Simango also former Deputy Minister for Southern Province is also widely suspected to be practicing Satanism. The death of Chanda by falling off a moving vehicle could have been beef for the Zambian watchdog hence it could have led to the concealing of information. We all know how Silvia Masebo fears and hates the Watchdog. Mind you she is also reported to have been on the same vehicle. This was a high profile campaign so Chanda could not have been alone at any given time.

People of Zambia I do not want to pre-empty a lot of information that I would like to forward to the defence counsels for brothers and sisters in detention that I think may have been framed. If Chanda was really hacked then it was only one person and who then is this person?

I’m 100% sure that the Director of Public Prosecutions Mutembo Nchito reads the Zambian Watchdog and will read this article and simple analysis. Please release those innocent souls and let the Police conduct thorough investigations.

Please readers this is NOT a detailed assumption and situation analysis. I intend to do a detailed one and avail it to the UPND Secretariat so that it can be forwarded to Lawyers representing our brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers in Livingstone.

Remember if Chanda was hacked then he was hacked by just one person and who is that person? Certainly not Garry Nkombo or those eight poor souls charged with murder. People of Zambia turn back to Almighty God and repent. For ten years the PF was in opposition we like the Children of Israel insisted on wrongly asking God to give us the PF. No they are a wrong bunch of evil people who I’m 100 % sure do not believe in God. Who does not know that Masebo, Mangani, Chumbwe, Edgar Ngoma, Frank Bwalya heavily believe in Vodoo?

For those who may not know, the reason why President Sata took long to shift from his Rhodes Park home to Statehouse was because the above named individuals claimed were “cleaning” State House.

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