And now, Mulungushi Textiles indefinitely closed

And now, Mulungushi Textiles indefinitely closed

mulungushi-textilesGovernment has indefinitely closed even the ‘shadow’ of Mulungushi Textiles that was re-opened last year during President Edgar Lungu’s campaign, sending over 270 workers home without any pay.

During the run up to the 2011 elections, Lungu visited Mulungushi Textiles and declared that the Industrial development Company – IDC would reopen the giant textile industry in Kabwe. According to Lungu, to demonstrate the government commitment, the garment (tailoring section) was reopened with 279 people employed.

Earlier, the company was corruptly given to Lungu’s financiers for the 2015 elections, Tanzanian Mohammed Enterprises who later failed to reopen it and instead started using it as a storage and distribution for imported fertiliser and detergents.

But the truth has been exposed that the garments section, which was widely publicised as the reopening of Mulungushi was only commissioned to sew uniforms for police and prisons officers, the workers have been struggling to get their meagre salaries and on Thursday as they reported, they were shocked to be told that they were all not required and will have to wait for their payments at a later date.

Kabwe District Commissioner Dominic Mulenga confirmed the development and said that it is a complete directive from the government because the company couldn’t sustain the labour force.

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