Andella, others tour habour island

Andella, Zambia’s envoy to Miss Universe is among the 25 contestants who toured the historic Harbour Island yesterday.

25 of the 84 beautiful ladies from the 58th annual Miss Universe Competition which airs live from Atlantis, Paradise Island on August 23 on NBC and Telemundo were in Eleuthera.

Local Eleuthera Officials were on hand at the North Eleuthera Airport to welcome the reigning Miss Universe, Venezuelan, Dayana Mendoza and twenty four other of the world’s most beautiful women hailing from Switzerland, Ireland, India, Croatia, Guyana, Honduras, China, Columbia, Turks & Caicos, Iceland, Thailand, Canada, Ukraine, USA, Uruguay, Venezuela, Hungary, Cayman Islands, Indonesia, Zambia, Vietnam, Tanzania, Costa Rica, and Turkey.

The ladies were led to waiting Ferry Boats at Three Island Dock, which motored them across the short distance to Harbour Island, under tight security. A large entourage of primary school aged children, brightly dressed in orange welcome wear, greeted the international beauties as they stepped on to the dock in Harbour Island.  Then with dancing and musical fanfare, the local Junkanoo group paraded them from the dock to specially decorated golf carts [the transportation of choice on Harbour Island] and on to the exquisite Valentines Resort for brunch.

Throngs of locals lined the front Bay Street taking in the spectacle as they paraded by. The ladies took time to interact with many of the local Eleutherans, displaying friendliness, openess and charm. Several danced in beat with the Junkanoo music and beamed brightly in the midday yellow sun surrounded by the glistening aqua marine Harbour.

Valentines Resort & Marina laid out a fabulous spread for the lovely visitors, which they enjoyed before continuing the motorcade throughout Harbour Island, stopping in at the Haunted House, the Princess St. Art Gallery, Queen Conch, where they were treated to Bahamian conch salad and gift bags presented by a lovely young Briland girl.

Coral Sands Resort on the renowned Pink Sands Beach was the last stop on the itinerary for a delicious lunch and relaxation activities, before heading back to the North Eleuthera Airport .


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