Andella’s agent speaks out

I have lost my reputation, credibility and money, says Wendy Chanda Fornari , the local agent for Zambia’s envoy to Miss Universe in the Bahamas.

And Wendy says she will dethrone Andella as reigning Miss Universe Zambia. She has announced that the first princess will now be crowned Miss Universe Zambia. She has disclosed that she won’t even travel to the Bahamas to support Andella.

Wendy said in an interview Wednesday that she feels insulted and portrayed like a criminal by Andella’s mother when she has done a lot for her daughter.

The visibly annoyed Wendy explained that the personal money she has spent on organising the event is more than K50 million. She said the pledges from sponsors does not even come to K20 million.

Wendy who displayed a cheque of K5 million from one of the sponsors said that one sponsor whom pledged K10 million has not given her the money.

She expalined that all this while she has been paying for most of the services using her credit card. She said that she had to pay $us5000 (Five thousand) license fee to the honours of the event.

She also explained that she had to pay for Andella’s air ticket from London to the Bahamas which said cost 1200 British Pounds.

Wendy explained that she also had to pay 200 British pounds to transport Andella’s copper ornaments which were earlier bought at K1.2 million.

She said that Andella’s ariticket to London from Lusaka was paid for direct by one sponsor. She said Andella’s mother is trying to portray an image that she paid for anything when in fact not.

She explained that she has been having problems opening a bank account because the bank always claims that some document is missing. She said that she does not stay in Zambia so it is difficult for her to make follow-ups on some things

She also wondered why Andella’s mother is complaining about Andella’s wardrobe when the model has continued wearing the clothes.

She said that most of the clothes Andella’s mother is ‘insulting’ were designed by local artists free of charge and that the same people feel insulted.

She said that even the hotels she was sleeping are best in Zambia and wondered what else she could have done.

Wendy said that she feels so disappointed that after doing all that for Andella without benefiting anything she can be insulted like that.

She disclosed that she had sent other models for the same event but that she had never met such lack of gratitude.

Asked why she continues sponsoring the models if she does not make any money out of it, Wendy said that is her passion.Ill-fitting outfit?Ill-fitting outfit?

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