Angela Nyirenda’ s ex lover abducts their son

Angela with St Michael now called Miko Zulu

Angela with St Michael now called Miko Zulu

Zambian musician, Angela Nyirenda, Monday wept at the Kitwe Local Court after her eight-year-old son was abducted by her former lover, Masautso Banda, who is the father of the boy.

Angela and Banda appeared in the Kitwe Local Court on Monday over the custody of the child.

The court heard that Banda, a prominent Kitwe businessman, took his son by force from unsuspecting Nyirenda after Kitwe Local Court senior Presiding Justice, Rodney Kasoka, dismissed the case, saying the matter be heard in Lusaka where the defendant (Angela) was residing.

Banda had taken Angela to court after she failed to release the boy, who had gone to visit her for holidays in Lusaka.

However justice Kasoka, who was sitting with justices Ignatius Masupelo and Alice Obe, said in dismissing the case that the court could not handle the matter because it had no jurisdiction over it.

He said the court had considered the case carefully and resolved that since the mother and child in question were Lusaka residents, the matter must be heard in Lusaka.

In his testimony, Banda told the court that he was in fact keeping the child in Kitwe and that the boy had merely traveled to Lusaka to see his mother who he alleged that has since failed to release him.

Mr Kasoka advised the two to appeal within 30 days if they were not pleased with the outcome of the case in any court or sue afresh in Lusaka.

But outside the courtroom, Banda, in full view of the public and members of the press, grabbed the boy from Angela and took him to his vehicle.

He immediately sped off as the boy, who was crying, tried to jump out of the vehicle through the window.

Angela Nyirenda

Angela Nyirenda

He stopped the car, closed all the windows while a shocked and sobbing Nyirenda rushed to the court justices to report the incident.

And Nyirenda’s uncle, Stanley Mushange, said the family had allowed Banda to keep his son on condition that he visited the mother during holidays.

Mr Mushange alleged Banda, who took the child a year ago, had never taken him to see his mother in Lusaka.

He disclosed that Nyirenda’s family had gone to the victim support unit so that they could resolve the matter amicably but Banda refused and instead took the matter to court.

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