Angola ignores President Michael Sata’s apology

Angola ignores President Michael Sata’s apology

Angolan leader Dos Santos is too experienced to be fooled

The Angolan government will not respond to President Michael Sata’s apology because they view it as a military and diplomatic breach.

The Angolan government also think the apology was not made in good faith and lacked sincerity.

On October 19, 2011, when he received credentials from Angola’s new ambassador Balbina Malheiros Dias Da Silva, Sata apologised to Angola in the following words:

“I must apologise that MMD was very treacherous during your struggle with our late brother Savimbi. I apologise on behalf of Zambia that what our colleagues in the MMD did was fraudulent and greedy. And as I am talking our first President Dr Kenneth Kaunda is in Angola. I sent him as my envoy to go and personally apologise to the President (Dos Santos),”

But the Angolan government has not responded.

Sata’s envoy Kenneth Kaunda is said to have been received in a luke-warm manner. He only met the president of Angola Dos Santos for 30 minutes in which he delivered the letter of apology and also said Zamtel will be sold to Unitel of Angola.

Sources say Dos Santos did not respond to both issues but only asked Kaunda how his wife was doing.

Kaunda left Angola the same day and flew to Mozambique for that country’s national day.

But the latest information coming out of Luanda is that the Angolan government believes that Sata was not genuine in his apology.

They wondered why, if he wanted to resolve the matter, he decided to go public before hearing what the Angolans would take it.

According to Angolan contacts, the manner in which Sata went about this issue brought tension in the region as it exposes Zambia and Angola’s military and Intelligence operations.

The sources said that Angola has in the past used one of the ZAF bases in Zambia as its operational centre for regional activities.

Sources say Angola has been put in an embarrassing situation where it has been made to defend Zambia from regional governments who are requesting full details of what really happened.

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