Angolan, footballer arrested in Zambia for drug trafficking

The Drug Enforcement Commission of Zambia (DEC) has arrested an Angolan citizen in Lusaka for trafficking in cocaine.

And DEC has arrested a local footballer for trafficking in cocaine.

DEC spokesperson John Nyawali has confirmed that Francisco Mayimona, an Angolan national, was arrested from his Makeni home after finding him with four sachets of cocaine powder. The Angolan is 36 years old and is registered as a student at a private college Green Wood Institute in Lusaka.

He was further found with four thousand nine hundred United States Dollars which was seized by DEC because they believe that the monies are proceeds of the cocaine sales.

DEC says  Mayimona is one of the drug kings pins who have been supplying cocaine to members of the public along the line of rail.

He is currently detained in Police custody with three of his accomplices.

And the footballer who has been arrested has been named as Cephas Meja. He is 33 years old and is plays for Lusaka City Council Football Club.

He stays in Libala,  Lusaka where he was arrested from his make-shift store popularly known as Kantemba after he was found with six sachets of cocaine which he was selling.

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