Nevers Mumba chased from State House, gets more insults from presidential aide

MMD president Dr Nevers Mumba Sunday afternoon stormed State House and demanded an audience with President Sata over a letter in which he claims the Head of state insulted him.

But security officials ordered Mumba to leave State House.

Mumba who was in the company of his private secretary and other party officials were disappointed at President Sata’s response to a letter he had written to him concerning the appointment of MMD MPs as deputy Ministers in the PF government.

In the letter, Sata attacked Mumba charging that the man of God has a history of a nomad. Sata added that it is a shame that Mumba had come out with guns blazing over a matter which he embraced only a few years ago simply because it prompted direct benefits to himself.

But Mumba’s trip to State House was in vain as president Sata’s private Secretary went mad at Mumba describing his trip as immature and childish. In an interview with journalists who were present at the scene, the visibly annoyed Mumba said the route the president has taken will lead the country into a crisis. He also accused President Sata of offering jobs to two other MMD MPs namely Richard Taima and Davies Phiri in order to completely destroy the MMD.

He said he was at State House to ask the president how many MPs he wants to ‘steal’ from the former ruling party.

He said it was sad that the president was in the habit of putting unprintables on government stationery.

But Special Assistant for press and public relations at State House George Chellah described Mumba’s trip to state House as disorderly. He said that it was sad that despite being Vice President before, Mumba doesn’t seem to understand presidential etiquette. He added that Mumba’s behaviour was embarrassing for the head of a big political party.   He said Mumba was lucky that he wasn’t roughed up by security officers at State House.
[Source: The Independent Post]

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