Animal farm in arrest and release of minister Chilufya

Animal farm in arrest and release of minister Chilufya

LUNGU’S ANIMAL FARM JUSTICE SYSTEM.. Dr Chilufya’ s Arrest and Release

The quick arrest and release of Dr Chitalu Chilufya who has been charged with four counts corrupt practice and having properties that are deemed proceeds of crime while Chellah Tukuta has been denied bails makes a sad reading and exposes Edgar Lungu “Animal Farm” system of justice where
“some Zambians are more Zambian than others.”

It should be noted that i reject Chellah’s advocacy and do not stand by him as i alluded in my previous article “Zambians Too Desperate, Forgetful & Love Mediocrity” neither do i agree with his advocacy of insults and personal attacks but i do however stand with him in condemning Edgar Lungu’s government for infringing on his rights as he is a bonafide citizen of our land and should be granted bond so he can have audience with lawyers and await trial from home.

And while Chellah remains incarcerated for so many days charged with criminal libel with his whereabouts not publicly known, Health Minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya was arrested yesterday, charged with four counts of corrupt practices and possessiong properties believed to proceeds of crime and was released an hour after his arrest with police bond signed in his own recognizance as a member of parliament.

Question however is what criteria does Lungu and his police use to determine who should get police bond and who shouldn’t? Is bond only for those connected to his government alone and not the ordinary citizenry? Is it now a crime not to support PF that once you get arrested for a crime unrelated to politics you get punished by being denied bond/bail.

Weighing all facts and we all realize that Chellah Tukuta has a smaller charge than Dr Chilufya yet it has taken this long to have him bonded. The former also has more sureties willing to sign for him while the later was granted bond in his own recognizance. One was arrested almost a week ago and is in cells while the other spent less than hour in jail and is in the comfort of his home while awaiting trial that may never possibly take off or which if takes off has a predetermined outcome in his favour.

Enough is Enough President Lungu and your colleagues, Zambia belongs to all Zambians not just your ministers and cadres. This Animal Farm set up you have in the police and Judiciary will eat you alive come next year when you are kicked out of power hook or crook.

To all Zambians with voter’s cards, do not despair when you are not granted audience or permission to protest. There is an effective way to air grievances and that is to vote out this tyrannical government and usher in sober leadership offered by Hakainde Hichilema aka “Bally” and his party the United Party for National Development.

We deserve better leadership and treatment as citizens.

#HakaindeHichilema #Bally #UPND #President2021 #Change #Forward.

Mbanga Irvine, Ilukui.
Fayetteville, Arkansas.
United States of America.

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