Africa Freedom Day meaningless as long as Barotseland activists remain in prison – Akashambatwa .

Africa Akashambatwa Mbikusita Lewanika has observed that celebration of Africa Freedom Day is meaningless for as long as Barotseland activists remain in prison.
He said the Zambian government must release all those who are political prisoners over the issue of Barotseland.
Akashambatwa said the government must adopt practices that engage in honest dialogue rather than repressive detention of citizens expressing and advocating for what they believe in.
He further demanded for eradication of all other manifestations of the culture of partisan politics and personalized leadership in state affairs.
He said Zambia’s independence that was granted on 24th October 1964 falls short of reinforcing the agenda of Pan Africanism because the Barotseland Agreement that was a product of consultation and negotiation that brought Zambia’s independence remains abrogated.
He wondered why voices calling for reinstatement of the agreement are subjected to brutal police action and state terrorism.
Eight Barotseland activists are in prison with four at Mwembeshi open prison while the other four are in Kaoma, Mongu and Senanga

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