Another 5 years of PF cadres insulting woman like this

My own reasons why I want to vote for change
(1) I want a stable economy
Some may argue that the current government has handled the economy well however for me am certain they have absolutely failed that’s why most Zambians want change, it’s because of poor economic management that inflation is high, it’s the reason our nation relies so much on loans/debts. I will try Bally because economics is his area of expertise.

(2) End high levels of corruption
I don’t know how u will take this but I believe this country is going through unprecedented levels of corruption, there is no longer transparency and accountability in the way government matters are being handled hence I wanna try a new government and hope they end it.

(3) End Caderism
We all know that our streets are now dominated by cadres, slowly but surely with this kind of newly promoted political culture our country is being built on the foundation of political violence hence I want to try a new government that will contain these cadres.

(4) Re-build confidence in Zambians and investors.
The fact is most Zambians have lost hope in the affairs of this nation hence it’s difficult to flourish in a nation where citizens believe nothing will come out their endeavours, a new government helps to reestablish the energy of productivity, it helps investors and lending institutions re-trust the government hence am voting for a new government.

(5) Holding leaders accountable
For me I want a government that will question and hold it’s members accountable if found wanting not a government that lets serious matters go by without investigations or answers.

(6) Fair distribution of opportunities and resources.
For me I want a government that will give equal opportunities to all Zambians, not selective empowerment programs.

(7) Debt repayment
At this particular moment I feel our former cabinet ministers/government never did enough to ensure debt repayment,I want to try a new government. #Bally

These are the reasons why I want to vote for change and for Hakainde Hichilema
If u feel they are okay then let’s go forward together. ????⏩
Bomface Mulenga

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