Another accident in Kafue as heavy rains cause havoc in Emmasdale

Barely a few hours after a truck killed 18 people in Mazabuka, more people have perished in Kafue in an accident involving a train, a corolla and a canter. The incidence happened around 20 hours on Monday and local people estimate that up to 15 people may have died.

Meanwhile, in Emmasdale in Lusaka strong winds resembling a hurricane caused havoc the same evening.
A resident told the Watchdog that he saw billboards and roofs being flown into the air and cars floating, Zesco poll-lines falling all over, due to heavy rains mixed with strong wind and ice.

‘Shops and companies like CFAO the dealers of Ford Cars have their building windows all broken and brand-new cars for sale damaged,’ the resident explained.
‘Houses are under water right now causing damages to households due to poor or no drainages around the area,’ a resident said.

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