Another broken promise; now PF blames weather for loadshedding.

The ruling PF is now blaming bad weather as reason for Zesco electricity loadshedding across the country.

According to a full-page paid for statement in the government funded and controlled Daily Mail newspaper, Zesco Director of Corporate Affairs and Business Development, Bestty Phiri says the loadshedding has been caused by an increase in electricity power demand due to the cold season.

According to the statement, Zesco is now making arrangements to import power from other countries though that would depend on whether they are not affected by ‘bad weather’ and hence having excess capacity to sell.

Unlike under the MMD regime when loadshedding was attributed to maintenance works that were going on, Zesco now admits that “all major power stations at Kariba North Bank, Victoria Falls, and Kafue Gorge are now running at full capacity following the maintenance works that were completed in March 2012”.

“Zesco is also pleased to notify its customers that installation of the 150 MVA transformer at Leopards Hill which commenced in February 2012 was completed and successfully commissioned on 4th April 2012”, reads the statement.
Then in opposition, the PF blamed incompetence on the part of Zesco management and Rupiah Banda as reason for loadshedding in the country.
Upon assuming office, President Michael Sata quickly fired former MD Ernest Mupwaya together with other senior managers and replaced them with his relative Cyprian Chitundu.
Some parliamentarians and other members of the general public have been calling on the PF government to apologise for the false campaign promises as a mark of intergrity in politics.

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