Another broken promise: UTH runs out of water

The University Teaching Hospital (UTH) is experiencing serious water shortage forcing patients and those looking
after them to use buckets to draw water for bathing.

Some of the relatives to the patients complained that the water problem has been going on for some time adding that it was
inconveniencing them.

Rose Chitundu told ZANIS in an interview that the hospital staffs has also advised them to be sourcing water from somewhere for theirbathing.

She said the hospital has provided water in drums which they are only advised to use in the toilets.

And UTH Public Relations Manager, Pauline Mbangweta admitted the shortage and attributed this to erratic water supply from the Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC).

Ms. Mbangweta said the problem has going on for some time but appealed to the public to be patient and understanding as the problem is being resolved.

She said UTH mainly depends on the sewerage company for its water but the damage to the company reservoir in Kafue has affected the water supply at the hospital.

She explained that the institution like some residential areas has had no water the whole of yesterday because of the same problem.

A check by ZANIS found some people ferrying water in buckets.

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