Another by-election as Mkaika MMD MP joins PF

Mkaika MP David Phiri has also been forced to create another by-election by the PF after he was forced to announce his resignation from his party the MMD to join PF today.

According to Radio Mpangwe monitored by the Watchdog in Eastern province this morning, Phiri has joined the long list of traitors who have been defecting from their parties to satisfy their belly politics.

His anti-MMD behaviour where he was openly campaigning and distributing PF materials recently earned him a suspension from the MMD.

So far he has not been participating in an efforts to strengthen the party that put him into parliament and has been refusing to make any monthly contributions as is the case for all MPs including those in the PF to their parties.

The latest election coming shortly after Feira last week now means the country will now hold seven by-elections almost at the same time in Malambo, Mkaika, Mulobezi, Solwezi East, Mkushi North, Kafulafuta, and Chipata Central each one confirmed totalling not less than K7 billion from the already heavily stressed National Treasury which has run into serious budget over-run, according to the figures released by the Secretary to the Treasury, Fredson Yamba last week.

The PF government was recently forced to increase the cost of living conditions in Zambia by removing key fuel and mealie meal subsidies and other cost serving measures in order to finance their self induced by-elections aimed at reaching the 106 parliamentary majority threshold for the ruling party.

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