Another by-election as Taima quits MMD for PF

Solwezi East MMD Member of Parliament Richard Taima has resigned and joined the ruling regime Patriotic Front.

Taima is already Commerce Deputy Minister in the PF.

Taima announced his resgnation in Solwezi today. According to PF sources, the regime is dead scared of losing Feira.

The PF fears that if there will be only one by-election, the opposition UPND will easily win it ast they can guard against rigging.

The speaker of the National Assembly will very soon announce the Taima seat vacant so that the elections can be held at the same time with Feira. That way, the PF regime can rig the polls.

Mr Taima announced his resignation during a press briefing held at his Hill View Lodge in Solwezi today.

He said by resigning from the MMD party, he has consequently relinquished his position as Member of Parliament for Solwezi East.

Mr Taima has since called on all political giants and traditional leaders in the province to consider getting close to work with the Patriotic Front for the common good of the province.

He said it is sad to note that during the September 2011 general elections the whole North-western province emerged as an opposition province as no single seat was given to the Patriotic Front.

Mr Taima said it is, therefore, unfair to expect President Michael Sata or the Patriotic Front in general to include people from a region of the country that did not provide him the primary source of human resource from which he can pick people to include in government.

He said Solwezi East Constituency has lagged behind in development because it has had more opposing members of parliament than those working with the government of the day thereby, resulting in having very little trickling in the constituency in terms of development.

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