Another by-election created in Solwezi Central as MMD’s Taima loses petition

Kitwe Judge Catherine Makungu today nullified the election of Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) Solwezi East
Member of Parliament Richard Taima.
Judge Makungu nullified the election of Mr. Taima on grounds that the latter violated the electoral code of conduct during his campaigns by
donating a hammer mill to the electorates to vote for him.
She also cited the uttering of disparaging remarks about the Patriotic Front (PF) and Peter Ilunga the petitioner in the case when he stated
that the ruling party would allow homosexuality in the country.
Mr. Ilunga also said that Mr. Taima said the ruling party would further direct the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) not to pay farmers who
had supplied maize to the agency if voted into power. Mr. Taima is further alleged to have told electorates that the PF
would bring civil war in the country if voted into power.

But Mr. Taima denied the allegations by the petitioner and said the hammer mill was from the ministry of Gender and was distributed before
the election campaigns.
He also said that he personally delivered the hammer mill to the area in his capacity as area Member of Parliament (MP) for Solwezi East.
And in delivering judgment, judge Makungu said she was satisfied that the petitioner had discharged his burden of proof.
Judge Makungu said by the response of Mr. Taima, it was clear that by the illegal actions committed by the respondent made the majority of
voters in the area to be prevented from voting for their preferred candidate.
She later said with such kind of evidence from the petitioner, the election in the constituency was not free and fair.
Judge Makungu further said that the remarks caused apprehension among electorates and she also took judicial notice that the majority of
Zambians were Christians and that homosexuality was not a Christian way of life.

She stated that no one in the right state of mind would want to live in poverty and war. This is in a case where PF losing Solwezi East constituency aspiring candidate Peter Ilunga petitioned the election of Richard Taima as Solwezi East Member of Parliament in the 2011 general elections.

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