Another bye-election in Mufumbwe as area MMD MP plans to join PF

STEVEN Masumba, the MMD Mufumbwe MP who recently got himself a job in the PF government as Local Government Deputy Minister says he is leaving the now “defunct MMD to join the progressive PF.”

Masumba tells The (TIP) that he is just waiting for the appropriate time to hand over his resignation to both the MMD and the Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Patrick Matibini.

“Right now, I am just waiting for the appropriate time to join the ruling PF after handing in my resignation,” he said.

Masumba said he had decided to join the PF because it was a progressive party and the people in his constituency want him to do so.

“ I have always raised up to support what is progressive and the PF in the past five months it has been in power under President Sata has been very progressive.

“I have received a lot of challenges even from the grass root level of the constituency. Even the chiefs are telling me that as a way of showing gratitude to the President (for appointing me as deputy Minister), I should join the PF camp. And I can’t refuse this,” Masumba said.

[Source: The Independent Post]

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