Another calamity; Floods cause havoc in Luano district

Another calamity; Floods cause havoc in Luano district

flooded-cropsRoads and bridges have been washed away while a large hectarage of maize fields and other crops have completely been washed away by heavy rains and the district can now not be accessed by road. This is after four days of continued rainfall which has also left thousands of people displaced.

After the area was declared a district, government commenced construction of roads and some bridges but the works were condemned to be of substandard and have failed to withstand the calamity.

Residents have complained that there has been no help from the office of the district commissioner Christopher Chibuye and have now called on government to intervene through the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit – DMMU.

A source at the district administration office who confirmed the disaster said that the area can only be accessed by air as the roads are completely impassable and people are starving. He also expressed fear that the area will be hit by food shortages next year due to the damage by the rains.

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