Another cheap, Chinese made road breaks up

Another cheap, Chinese made road breaks up

Another PF ‘made in China’ road breaks up.
This is at Lunzuwa bridge between Mbala and Mpulungu.

These roads are breaking up because they are deliberately made of cheap, poor materials due to corruption. Despite being made of poor materials, the contractors inflate the cost of constructing, then share the loot with government officials.

So the same thieves who constructed this useless road will be paid more millions to repair this crack, then there will be another crack somewhere else and the vicious financial cycle and scam continues,

The PF and their apologists try to blame rains for these substandard roads but in the same area, huts made of mud by villages are withstanding the rains. And these mud huts are older than the roads.

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    Ba bobo…continue building Fry Roads . These cadres are a disgrace. What are fry roads?


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    ba bob 7 days ago

    iwe koswe simu Zambia umu you fool,we are building fry roads in Lusaka what can you tell us,,

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    John 7 days ago

    As a contractor myself, Who are the road designers THE CHINESE…… becuae Zambia has no capable engineers, stop being sympathetic to these rubbish contractors who have already stolen the cash with government hands

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    People are questioning the chinese contractors about poor workmanship and leaving out the consultant who infact designed the bridge and supervised the so called chinese contractor. There are important questions that beg answers: who designed the bridge? And who supervised the chinese contractor because as far as i know the consultant designs and supervises the contractor. Only when the consultant certifies the road as good can the contractor be paid. People may crucify the contractor when the problem is with designer. As an engineer i can blame the designer of failure is due to design problem eg under design. And can blame the contractor if failure is due to construction.

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    nineo 7 days ago

    Sad reading indeed!

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    Steve 1 week ago

    This sad thing about these Chinese build roads is that we are paying the highest per km in all the world the worst and shoddiest quality roada that I’ve seen. We are paying the highest in the world per kilometer while our neighbours are paring much less for better quality road. Botswana they woke up to that reality that Chinese roads are constructed to low standard Ana’s stopped using them in their tender system. We should wake up to the reality thy our new road network will fail completely within the next 5 years. Given poor maintenance planning of the RDA we are going backwards to the UNIP years of the 80s when the road network completely. Collapsed in Zambia what will it take to change this status quo? Our taxes is being used to repay these people for roads for a generation to come,  it what should worry Zambian are other major projects that were awarded to the same people which we don’t see and may get shocked when they begin to fail such as Kariba Dam. How Can we reclaim our beloved country back from our corrupt leaders who don’t seem to be accountable to anyone p