Another Chinsali cop locked up for openly being anti PF

Another cop Anderson Mwandila has been locked up in police cells at Chinsali police station for refusing to dance to PF song ‘dununa reverse’.

Last evening at a known bar, PF cadres paid by notorious Shiwangandu parliamentary candidate Steven Kampyongo demanded that their party song be played. As the song played, Constable Anderson Mwandila and other police officers danced to the song in a ‘Zambia Forward’ (UPND) style.

When other Bar revelers started cheering in support, some PF bouncers who earlier demanded for the song to be played got upset and man handled Mwandila. In self defence, Mwandila beat the three bouncers who all scampered.

They finally ended up reporting the matter at the Police. Mwandila was there-after picked up and given two charges of ‘Assault’ and ‘Participating in politics.’ Disillusioned Officers at the police station were heard commending, “For how long shall this physical and mental torture by PF against Officers going to continue?

Last week, during a drinking spree organised by Lungu a senior superintendent was also locked up for telling him that he was headed for a loss in next week’s elections.

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