Another Chitotela aide challenges president Lungu to step aside


The person speaking in this audio is Francis Mutale, one of Tourism minster Ronald Chitotela’s closest and trusted henchmen. Minister Chitotela uses him in all sorts of errands with Chanoda Ngwira.

Francis Mutale is challenging president Edgar Lungu to leave the political stage while it is still good for him otherwise he will put the PF in trouble.

Mutale says President Lungu should step aside for a better candidate to run as PF candidate in the 2021 elections. Mutale predicts that if president Lungu stubbornly stands as candidate, the PF will lose.

Just last week, Chanoda Ngwira, another associate and errand boy for Chitotela express doubt in President Edgar Lungu’s leadership.

Francis Mutale was just a struggling car dealer hustling from Northmead and was also running a small clearing agency in Nakonde.

Now he has three construction contracts, two in housing and one in roads given to him by Chitotela when he was infrastructure minister.

So, when he says Lungu should step aside for a better candidate, who does he have in mind? More specific, who is he speaking for ?

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