Another dangerous flyover bridge

Another dangerous flyover bridge

Dear Road Users,
As you approach this bypass driving towards Longacres Roundabout from Lusaka Golf Club, this sharp curve suddenly joins the start of the bypass. Unfortunately, the outer lane is almost inline with the pillar! This design as it stands is a serious Safety Hazard. Sober or drunk and especially at night, RTSA will record fatalities here. It’s a serious flaw on the design part.
I am asking the powers that be to quickly do an audit and the following can be a probable solution:
Erect rumble humps as you approach this part so that drivers exercise caution.
Otherwise, motorists will be hitting the pillar!!

Eng. Chilungu. F Musaba

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    tiye 2 days ago

    Also check the filter lane at junction of Church road and independence as you go to high court. The pillar for the drain is actually in the road itself and already has a lot of tyre marks.

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    Buck Teeth Lungu 4 days ago

    These are engineers with bought degrees. They are not fit to design a toilet.

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    price you pay for mediocrity, greed, and incompetence in government! no regard for the impact of their decisions on the people of the country as a whole as long as they have collected what is due to them in the contracts, after that you are on your own!

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    In fact one doesn’t need 2b an engineer to know risks on the road. One just needs 2b public-spirited. These mistakes are being made by engineers themselves under supervision of fellow engineers.