Another disaster


In what President Edgar Lungu, believes to be a historic move, he will today the 5th of January 2016 add to the long list of his disasters since ascending to the highest office of the land by assenting to the Constitution Amendment Bill at the Heroes stadium, defrauding the Zambian people some of whom he intends to mockingly ferry in numbers to come and witness him sign into law “a Constitution” that is not fully representative of their aspirations.

It must be noted that the new Constitution brings to the scene good electoral laws like the 50+1 threshold and the running mate system which have for so many years now been the demand of the Zambian people. However, despite sounding attractive,the new Constitution Bill still leaves the office of “PRESIDENT” all powerful.

A President can still fire or hire anyone other than the Vice President who will be his running mate and Speaker who will be elected as per custom. A Republican President still has powers to violate fundamental human rights during a ‘state of emergency’ as was the case in 1997 when President Frederick Chiluba declared a ‘state of emergency’ after a failed coup plot, and went on to arrest Dr Kenneth Kaunda, Dean Mung’omba, Roger Chongwe among many others demanding their detention without evidence by the prosecution. The new Constitution still allows the President to consider the removal of Judges by means of establishing a tribunal on framed up charges.

How do we expect to ever have an impartial judiciary?? In other words there is no seperation of powers as the President still maintains monopoly power over the three arms of government. The Executive is still part of the legislature as the PF removed the people’s wish of Cabinet outside parliament. The New Constitution is also still silent on the controversial “Barotseland Agreement” abrogated by Dr Kenneth Kaunda in 1969. Even though President Edgar Lungu continues to profess to the nation that he maintains Zambia as a Christian nation, that will change today as the second part of the Pre-amble states that we; “RECOGNISE AND UPHOLD the multi-ethnic, multi-racial, multi-religious and multi-cultural character of our Nation”.

This creates an ambiguous interpretation of the declaration itself. Further it is nonsensical for the new Constitution to impose the funding of Political parties on government when government is currently in a debt crisis of $8 billion. With inflation at 21%, It is clear that Edgar Lungu suffers from fiscal indiscipline and will still go on to spend 20 million Kwacha today just to sign a disastrous Bill into law. Sadly, the next government will have another huge task to give Zambians “A people driven constitution” that they deserve.


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