Another fake poll, this time from Namibia

MANAGEMENT Intelligence Organisation (MIO), a Namibian organisation, says Patriotic Front president Michael Sata will not win the September 20 elections because he has not been sincere to the people of Zambia.

MIO election methodologist Francis Daka said in a statement issued in Lusaka on September 13 that the break-up of the PF/United Party for National Development pact will also contribute to Mr Sata’s loss.

Mr Daka said Zambians have no trust in Mr Sata because he was not transparent in the manner he handled the UPND/PF pact.

He said the voting pattern in Lusaka and Copperbelt provinces is expected to change and the regions will no longer be opposition strongholds.

“The people are in favour of the ruling party in both provinces due to the extensive development projects across the country,” Mr Daka said.

He said the opposition leaders, Mr Sata and Hakainde Hichilema, have been caught napping as they have not prepared adequately for the elections.

“The opposition leaders have nothing to sell to the electorate to win votes because President Banda and the MMD have given the Zambian people roads, health facilities, clean drinking water and many other development projects,” Mr Daka said.

He said President Banda is expected to win massive votes in rural areas because he has managed to empower small-scale farmers through the Farmer Input Support Programme and the rural electrification programme.

Mr Daka said Mr Hichilema and the UPND have also lost popularity in North-Western and Western provinces.



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