Another government official attacks Watchdog, hallucinates that Sata is fit and enjoying holiday

Foreign affairs permanent secretary George Zulu has asked Zambians to detest online publications that preach hate speech, Zulu also confidently says dictator Michael Sata is very fit and enjoying his holiday.

In an interview with Fred Namakando Mmembe’s pro PF newspaper the Post, Zulu says gutter journalism has the potential to cause a genocide. In apparent reference to the Zambian Watchdog, Zulu said that some online publications were fanning lies and have been paid to cheat.

In spite of many ministers, defence and security personnel and ceremonial vice President Guy Scott not knowing the exact condition of Sata, Zulu bragged that his appointment as PS has enabled him to know the truth.

Zulu was in his village in Luangeni to prepare a memorial service for his wife who died last year and braggingly held some meetings with some people but most of them demanded to be told the truth about Sata who has not been seen or heard for over three weeks now.

“There is no way we will lie to the people, there is no way. The President is good, he is on holiday. Even when he returned, he is enjoying his holiday, that is what I told them,” Zulu is quoted by the Post.

A fortnight ago, Central province deputy PS Ronald Sinyangwe castigated reporters from the government owned ZANIS and accused them of working for the Zambian Watchdog but after he was threatened with demonstrations, he apologized to the civil servants.

George Zulu must concentrate his energies on preparing the memorial for his late wife if at all he really loved and misses her. In Zambian culture, it is not normal for a person who is mourning to be antagonistic. He must not push his luck too far. He should also concentrate on taking his ARVs and avoid further spreading HIV, he already caused the death of his wife on 16th July last year..

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