Another hungry mouth goes to look for food in PF

Former Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD) Northern Province Chairman Griever Sikasote has resigned from his party to join the Patriotic Front.

Sikasote also revealed that the PF Government has finally given him his terminal benefits he worked for in ZESCO, which he claimed the previous administration failed to pay him for 16 years.

He did not explain why it was PF not ZESCO which paid him, since he was employed  by ZESCO.
Sikasote announced his defection together with hundreds of other MMD members at a public rally addressed by Defence
Minister Geoffrey Mwamba at Muzabwera ground in Mpulungu yesterday.

He said the former ruling party is in disarray and has no future in Zambian politics.

Sikasote claimed that he was ill-treated during his time in the MMD despite contributing greatly to the success of the former ruling

Sikasote said the PF is anchored on the tenets of democracy as seen from the way it is administering the affairs of the country while
in government.

He congratulated President Michael Sata for winning last year’s presidential elections, adding that he has no doubt that the Head of
State will succeed in developing the nation.


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