Another lover shot dead

Passion killing is in the increase in Zambia.

The man in the photos, Nshinka Kaputu yesterday shot dead his girlfriend in Meanwood area. The woman, Precious Mangesana, was working for Multi Choice Zambia.


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    Blesser 1 6 months

    I will not be surprised if there is a ‘Blesser’ involved

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    Muntu 6 months

    He looks dangerous.

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      mailon 6 months

      No he does not look dangerous.He looks like a coward,cowards always hide their cowardice remember steel waters run deep a dangerous person does not look like this coward.This is a face meant to intimidate and hide his inner fears.As we speak piece of sheet is being handled properly in police cells before he even gets to Chimbokaila worse still Mukobeko..