Another Mpongwe heavy-weight joins UPND

Former MMD aspiring candidate ffor Mpongwe constituency  Rabson Chilufya has  resigned from his party to join the opposition UPND.

Mr. Chilufya who resigned today (Thursday Jan 3, 2012)  with others from Mpongwe constituency becomes the second high profile person and Mpongwe businessman to join the opposition UPND after former DC for Mpongwe, Miniver Mtesa joined the party last week.

And MMD sources say the MMD has no problems supporting Mr. Chilufya even under UPND because he was a natural choice for the people of Mpongwe to replace and punish traitor Gabriel Namulambe who opted for the belly and create a costly bye-election.

Sources also say the UPND are likely settled on adopting Mr. Chilufya who beat Namulambe at all levels of MMD primaries in 2011 but was not adopted at the intervention of senior party leaders who pleaded with him to allow Namulambe because he was the party’s elections chairperson.

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