Another opposition leader to be arrested for refusing to recognise Lungu

POLICE sources in Livingstone have revealed plans to arrest UPND Southern Province information and publicity secretary Neto Halwabala for refusing to recorgnise Edgar Lungu as president.

And Halwabala has confirmed receiving a police call-out signed by a detective sergeant for purported interviews.
According to a police source, State House had instructed police to destabilise the UPND by creating fear through arrests of its leaders.

There is great pressure that we are not doing enough to weaken the UPND and that its leaders in Southern Province have been allowed to continue undermining State House, so Halwabala will be arrested at 09:30 hours [tomorrow] for not recognising the Head of State,
the police source said.

“He may also be arrested for allegedly saying that Lungu is a thief during a radio programme in the run-up to the 2016 elections but this is a tricky issue because there are court records to show that indeed President Lungu was once found guilty of stealing a client’s money when he was a practicing lawyer, this is in public domain and Halwabala made the statement in reference to that matter,” explained the source.

When contacted, Halwabala said arrests by the PF would not break the UPND’s spirit.

So tomorrow [Tuesday] I will be arrested for speaking against injustice, for being a voice for the voiceless, for defending democracy and fundamental human rights and freedoms. I am going there with a prepared mind. After all, my president HH has already told us to remain strong…,
said Halwabala.

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