Another person electrocuted at Kalumbila mine

Another person electrocuted at Kalumbila mine


Zambian Wachdog

Please Expose the happenings in Kalumbila Mines, One of my fellow contactor working under Rapinta Contractors was elecuted by 6.6KV power supply. The incident happened on 15/01/2021 around 18:00Hrs to 19:00Hrs when Euston Nyangulu (Acting Superintendent under Pit And Services) Instructed his Juniors to Energies the Machine without tightening the Skid Capller and which resulted to my friend getting elecuted when he was instructed to move the Skid which was not tightened and there were no locks on the same Capller(lock and tag out)

Kalumbila Mines through electrical department have no safety regarding to the workers, right now my friend is battling for his life in South Africa and the family they are not aware.

Government please shut down the operations before this Mine kills more, there is no safety here. they are employing people without qualifications to run electrical department eg.. Russell Parsons , in picture, Pure Racist(Electrical Superintendent), Elijah Mwanza(Grade 8 Drop Out Coordinator) Euston Nyangulu (Grade 9 Drop out with a fake trade test), this people are the ones running such sensitive Section.

Investigate on this matter, MSD is compromised by the most corrupt Human Resource management under Brighton Mwiinga.


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