Another PF battle front opens now Kambwili vs Chungu

Another fierce battle line has opened in the unstable PF government involving neighboring Copperbelt parliamentarians Chishimba Kambwili of Roan Constituency and Steven Chungu of Luanshya Central Constituency.

This new PF battle front comes barely a few weeks after ailing dictator Michael Sata is himself involved in a fierce war with former Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GB) who recently resigned over differences on the installation of Henry Chanda Sosala as the new Paramount Chief Chitimukulu as recommended by the Bemba council of elders called Bashilubemba.

The fierce war of very strong words which is waging in the PF vuvuzela Post Newspaper has seen Chungu accusing Kambwili of hating him for not supporting his presidential ambition.

But Kambwili, who is also an elderly but still PF Youth National Chairman and has since reported Chungu to the party disciplinary Committee and president Sata for expulsion, has since called his friend a mere ka pompous twit and former car thief, who rode on his popularity to win his parliamentary seat.

Chungu, who is also PF Luanshya district chairman, said Kambwili, the sports minister, had been telling people that President Michael Sata had endorsed his candidature as his successor.

Chungu, who has finally revealed that Kambwili was among those fighting PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba, said people were fed up of Kambwili’s bullish behaviour.

He said Kambwili was in the habit of insulting, threatening and intimidating people in the district.

But at a press briefing yesterday, Mr. Kambwili claimed he was aware that Mr Chungu was being used by some big fish whom he did not name, but can only be Mr. Kabimba, to try and get at him.

He said the people (Kabimba) using Mr. Chungu are wasting their time because he would neither resign nor leave the PF.

Mr Kambwili says he will remain committed to doing his job as Minister of Youth and Sport and party national Youth Chairperson.

All these fights among senior PF leaders are coming at a time one would have expected them to direct their energies towards rising mealie meal prices, highest communication tariffs through increased airtime, stabilizing the rising inflation, addressing the ever crumbling value of the now worthless Kwacha, and delivering on the many unfulfilled 2011 election promises such as youth employment creation.

For you majority poor voters, we guess these many fights will eventually put food on your tables because these people are after all fighting at the tax-payers expenses with free fuel, salaries, allowances, vehicles, houses, and a hefty pension.

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