Another PF cadre masquerading as policeman in Kabwe

A PF cadre employed as a baker at Shoprite in Kabwe has been masquerading as a secret service police officer with the aid of corrupt senior police officers in Kabwe.

Just Last week, a PF cadre in Lusaka James Sampa was found to have printed a fake identity card for the Office of the President and posing as a senior Investigations officer.
In Kabwe, George Kumwenda, a known PF cadre in the small town is said to be dealing with Kabwe district CIO, a Mr. Chipalata.

Chipalata’s recent appointment as officer in charge for anti robbery was reversed after fellow policemen expressed displeasure with his appointment as he was known to be working with criminals, especially motor vehicle thieves.

Kumwenda is said to have a police ID card and a police uniform in his possession and wears them when carrying out his clandestine operations. He was a police reservist but police have disbanded the reserve wing of the police and Kumwenda’s possession of police property is viewed as a threat to national security, and people have called for his arrest.

Kumwenda uses his fake police items to intimidate and arrest people who he takes to the police station and later demands for bribes to have them released.
Last week, his attempt to ‘arrest’ a middle aged man failed when he was nearly clobbered after people identified him as a person who serves bread in Shoprite.

After his clobbering, officers from the police intelligence unit attempted to arrest Kumwenda but he was shielded by shop administration manager Emeliya Mbola Kalunga, who lied that the thug was on leave.

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